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The easiest way to setup/ register a new business or subsidiaries in Hong Kong. We provided support to many companies to register company in Hong Kong since 2008.

Require support/ assistance in subsidiary or for new business in Hong Kong?

To do business in Hong Kong, you have to setup company by applying a business registration certificate.

setup procedure is simple.

Sole proprietorship/ partnership Company or Limited company.

Over 15 years’ experience in the industry

Usual process 5 working days.

Best guidance & Support

Express process 1 day.

Immigration support

Assistance for account opening, accounting, audit, company secretary services etc….

Online process

Register with us and raise request for the service required to us. Akin Professionals assist you online ..

Documents & Information required for company formation

1. Intended company name to check the availability and Nature of business

2. Identity proof – Passport/HKID, address proof (utility bill/bank statement of last three months) of intended individual director/ shareholder (certified by CPA (Public Accountant) or Notarized by local notary)

3. Details of source of wealth of shareholder/Ultimate Beneficial Owner

4. Proposed share capital:

•Minimum number of Shareholder – one (can be a corporate)
•Minimum director-1 (individual is a must)
•Minimum number of share can be 1 of 1HKD value
5. Registered office address (if not subscribing our address facility)

If shareholder/Director is a corporate:

1. Company Name as registered in the country of the domicile
2. Company number and copy of the Incorporation Certificate/Registers/Incumbency Certificate of Incumbency (as applicable)
3. Details of shareholders/Ultimate Beneficial Owner and directors with their identification documents (Notarized by local notary/certified CPA (Public Accountant) (Corporate tree if necessary)
4. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.
5. Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the company approving the establishment of company in the HKSAR and appointment of authorized signatory.
6. Details of source of wealth of ultimate beneficial owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time and Process to incorporate Hong Kong company?

• Express service: 12 hours to establish a company.
Normal service: Takes 5-6 working days including Company Name Book, the Certificate of Incorporation (CI) and Business Registration (BR).

What type of company?

• Private limited.

Requirements for incorporation?

• Requires minimum 1 resident or non-resident with valid ID proof above age 18 years and above acting as shareholder and director.
Minimum capital 1 HKD.
A registered Hong Kong address.
1 Director & 1 Shareholder- Same person can act as both.
1 Company Secretary required- we can act as company secretary.

No registered address in Hong Kong?

• No worry. We can act as professional services for your organisation and the company can be registered with our address so that all your communications and meetings will be scheduled and managed hassle free with our services.

Thinking on Name of the Company?

• We provide in assistance for your company name search which can be changed after registration as well with a name change process. Just raise the request to us through online by registering with us or contact us.

What to be taken care after registering the company?

• Annual returns – must be filled within 42 days of first anniversary of the company from registration date along with BR renewal.
Tax Filing (IRD) – A company falls due for tax filing in 18 months after incorporation.
Annual audit, Annual General Meeting, Renewals of business certificates, acting for all government communications – Akin Professionals takes care of all and inform clients in advance with all the activities both online and offline.

What is the normal structure of a company?

• All companies formed with directors, secretaries, and shareholders (members) to be legal entity.
Director is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company.
Secretary is responsible for general government compliance such as making sure returns are filed on time, notifying when addresses change etc.
Shareholders own the company shares.

Account Opening?

• We provide support for online account opening without being present physically in Hong Kong.

Pricing and services?

• Akin Professionals are open to discuss about all services that are required to do business. We charge minimal charges for a basic company and prices can be customised basis discussion.

Forms required for company formation?

• Decide Company Name and fill the form online upon registration and submit the case to us. System will provide the unique reference number through which your case will be processed and placed all the documents against the case. You may login and check the case status.

Process of deregistration?

• Deregistration process requires to take care of the following:
Mutual consent of all the involved parties.
No operations for more than 3 months before applying for deregistration.
Should be debt free.
Should be no charges against entity.
Cancellation of bank accounts.
Upon request we will prepare the documentation.
Process takes about 6-9 months generally.

Akin Professionals take care of all the process and update the status online in your registered account.

Tax details?

• Companies are required to pay taxes upon making profits only.
Profit tax slabs are as of follows:
8.25 % up to 2 million HKD
16.5 % for more than 2 million HKD profits.

Financial Year ends?

• General financial year is April to March. Hong Kong company has maximum 18 months for the first-year basis.

Documents required to prepare accounting and audit?

• Sales invoices.
Bank statements,
Purchase invoices,
Operating expenses,
MPF payment records etc..

Still have more questions?

• We are happy to help you online or offline. Please do register with us and you can raise all the requests against the services that we are offer. We try to provide the response as soon as possible.

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