Akin CPA

Akin’s Contribution

Privacy Protection

Information that is collected from clients is encrypted information and protected from any potential misuse.


  • Akins pricing commitment relies on two major principles: be among the most competitive; and always offer full transparency.
  • In most of the jurisdictions where we aid companies, we are able to offer prices that are transparent, intermediary-free and among the most competitive. We also can either charge an hourly rate or a fixed fee depending on which package is bought.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

  • Clients who use our services are generally satisfied with the services as Akin makes sure all work done is done to perfection.

Akin, A Company Branching Off To Its Partial Homeland In India. Expanding Horizons One Step At A Time

  • Recently; Akin has opened a branch in India, which has allowed most of the client base to work from there itself. It consists of the teams which Mr Manish handles, and takes care of issues on a smaller scale only within India.

Company Formation Experts With 15 Years of Existence

  • Akin in a different name and form was initially started by Mr Daniel in 1993, and was shortly accompanied by Mr Manish a few years down the line. In where they have amassed over 15+ years in experience in different services regarding Audit, Accounting, Tax and Visa matters.

Strong Executive Team

  • Akin has a team of over 40+ staff members each delegated into different teams regarding each service. Where Mr Manish and Mr Daniel handle different services.

Integrity And Due Diligence

  • We aim to deliver Best Business practice standards in a lawful environment, in the client’s best interest. Mindful of the laws and regulations on the prevention of conducting wrongdoings. Akin implements strict risk control procedures and balances.

  • We believe that an efficient due diligence process is in the client’s best interest and thus undertake due diligence checks, with a commercial appreciation of the practicalities of business, of all our clients. Akin holds a very strong internal policy in client selection and involvement of services.

  • Understanding a client’s profile is critical to making smart decisions for the future. Hence Akin’s professional team follows a strategic process to determine what is in the client’s best interest and to identify the best opportunities.


Client and Teams

Admin Section

taking care of compliances related to Companies Registry

Immigration Section

Taking care of applications and renewals of Hong Kong visas

Banking and Documentation Section

Taking care of clients trade documents negotiations and setting up of banking facilities and dealing with bank issues

Tax Section

Taking care of tax issues of clients, including compliances of filings of returns of company and individuals and tax audits

Accounting Section

Providing book-keeping and accounting services to clients based on their documents, providing in-house and out- sourced solutions.

Auditing Section

Auditing section Handling audits and consolidation of clients financial statements
1. The company has a good mix of local and international clients and it serves for compliance to Banks, Investment companies, traders, manufacturers, service providers and consultants.
2. English, Cantonese, Hindi, Sindhi, Punjabi and Mandarin speaking team members available.

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